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Your earning power is your most valuable asset.

Your earning power determines the financial security for you and your loved ones. Without proper planning, a serious accident or illness could rob you of your financial independence. Whether purchased for yourself, your spouse or for an aging parent, long term care insurance will help protect assets accumulated over a lifetime from the ravages of long-term care costs.

You may be at greater risk than you think.

Few people are prepared to handle the burden of long-term health care, and many have a false sense of security when it comes to long-term care. At age 65, people face at least a 40% risk of entering a nursing home at some point in their lifetime - and about 10% will have a stay of five years or longer. Because women generally outlive men by several years, they face a 50% greater likelihood than men of entering a nursing home after age 65. At a rate of $206 to $350 per day, the cost of a stay of 2.4 years (industry averages) can be devastating.

Determine your needs and preserve your assets now.

WLong-term care insurance purchased today can help provide you with the financial security you need and deserve in your retirement years. Act now, while you are still healthy and active, you will have protection to handle whatever a long life brings. Also - and you may not know this - qualified long-term care insurance also receives favorable income tax treatment. Use this calculator to determine your needs and how long your current assets might last. Long Term Care Needs Analysis Calculator

Get the facts: Long Term Care Facts

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