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"Economy has frequently nothing whatever to do with the money being spent, but with the wisdom used in spending it."
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Protect your assets, plan your future and avoid probate.

Many financial products are volatile and risky. Fixed Annuities are time-tested and provide stability and the flexibility to fit your personal needs and make your financial goals a reality. A key benefit of fixed annuities is the fact that they avoid probate and the associated court cost and legal fees.

Get a guaranteed rate of return.

These annuities guarantee a rate of return and provide a reliable way of planning for your future:
  • Accumulating Annuities Single Premium Deferred Annuities (SPDA.) These annuities pay a given rate of interest. However, only a single deposit is allowed. The principal will grow tax deferred basis; taxes are due only when withdrawn.
  • Flexible Premium Deferred Annuities. This is the same as SPDA and allows you to make additional deposits whenever you wish.

Guarantee your monthly income.

These products guarantee income for a given period up to life. These include:
  • Installment Refund Annuities. Provides income for life to the owner and pays the balance of the contract to the beneficiary monthly.
  • Period Certain, No Life. Provides payments that begin on the annuity starting date and continue for a guaranteed period of time. If you die prior to the end of the guarantee period, your beneficiary will receive the remaining annuity payments.
  • Period Certain, With Life. Assures guaranteed income for the owner, and in the event of the owner’s death, pays the balance to the beneficiary.

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