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Your income is the foundation for your future.

Disability insurance (DI), sometimes referred to as income protection, protects your ability to earn a living. If you become sick or hurt and unable to work, disability insurance provides monthly payments up to a specified amount and for a specified time after a covered illness or injury occurs. We can design the right policy and utilize a variety of options to help you to continue paying your living expenses if disaster strikes.

Disability can strike anyone at any time.

At age 57, you have approximately a 27% chance of suffering a long term (90 days or longer) disability prior to age 65. The average duration of a disability that has lasted at least 90 days is 6.6 years. It may surprise you that one out of three individuals will suffer a disability that lasts at least 90 days. Also, one in ten people will be permanently disabled prior to age 65, and disability is 16 times more likely than death to cause foreclosure. Determine your needs: Monthly Income Needs Calculator

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There are many features which can be incorporated into your disability insurance policy. As with other insurance products, there are many questions to consider before making an informed choice. The primary categories of disability insurance are:

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