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Keep your business up and running.

If you depend on your ability to work and are in your own business, you need business expense protection insurance. This is an insurance contract designed to help business owners meet monthly business overhead expenses during a disability. This helps keep the business open long enough to recover, or for you to make decisions about the business if you are unable to return. If you were to become totally disabled, the insurer would pay the approved expenses your business may incur while you are unable to work.

Determine your needs.

Whether you own a sole proprietorship, small partnership or large company, we will design the right policy to insure you, your employees and your company against the financial hardships a disabling illness or injury can create. Noteworthy is that business expense insurance works well with your business if there is more than one owner. The insurance contract you apply for will cover only those expenses for which you are responsible; if you have a business partner and you are responsible for 50% of all expenses, the insurance would cover 50% of all expenses up to your maximum amount.

Evaluate the details that you need to know.

We’ll ask the right questions and evaluate important policy provisions. Will the policy provide benefits for partial disability following a period of total disability? If so, for how much and for how long? What requirements must be met? Is the policy guaranteed renewable?

Call me and get the details at 1.800.561.1492 or email me at: bob@rmclu.com

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